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Brand Spotlight: Vicious Monkey

Adding flair to your image seems to be the only way artists and musicians are able to make it in the music industry nowadays. Having phenomenal skills playing instruments or singing doesn’t mean as much anymore if your image is dull. With reality music competitions like “The Voice” or “American Idol” constantly stressing these factors, musicians have to be creative in the ways they stand out. Cue Vicious Monkey, the definitive way to add extra flair to your stage presence.


The mischievous Vic Monk and Co is the brainchild of musician Anthony Gemignani. It actually just started as something Gemignani did for fun, adding these furry accents to foot pedals and guitars for his friends and students. It wasn’t long after that Gemignani started to receive a huge demand for these products. With orders flooding in Gemignani realized that his fun side project had evolved into a commodity that musicians from across the country wanted!


From there, Vicious Monkey and it’s front man Vic Monk was born! Gemignani put together a Kickstarter campaign along with a video to get more involved and received a pretty good response from it. Not only were these wild-colored furry accents making all of the covered foot pedals and guitars looking awesome, but the sounds and effects being produced were also phenomenal!

As Vicious Monkey continues to evolve and grow, Gemignani is also about to open his second music academy, All Star Music Empire at the end of October. Stay posted to find out more about the grand opening and Vicious Monkey’s progress!

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