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App of the day: JamStar

DR Strings has teamed up with JamStar to make this incredible modern tool for learning guitar. Allstar Music Empire will be one of the first music schools in NJ to be using this app for its instruction. This is all based on any mobile device, it’s free and you use colored strings. Showing up for lessons and never practicing on your own is not even close to being enough to get good. If all you did was show up for your 1/2 hour lesson once a week that would be 26 hours of time a year you put into your instrument. What can anyone get good it in a day and 2 hours. Think about a pitcher only throwing a ball for 26 hours a year. Do you think he or she is going to become a pro? NOPE! Use the tools that we have available and listen to the one that make a living a professional musicians/instructors. We are not pros because we did not practice and were lucky. Take music seriously and keep it alive with real artistry and talent.

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