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OUR Thoughts about Music and Lessons

When signing up for music lessons, understand the power of music can simply change your life. What you need to realize you are signing up for ,in our opinion, the coolest thing on earth. There is a ton of work involved to learning an instrument just as there is any other craft. I refuse to EVER agree that the basics of learning an instrument can be passed over and just get to the “Cool Stuff” to keep everyone’s attention and interest. IT JUST DOESN”T WORK THAT WAY PEOPLE. Put me on one of those shows as a judge. You think Simon was rough? I have been trying for years to explain to parents that we are Musicians NOT Magicians. You would never drive in a NASCAR race without learning to drive first. You would never run a race before learning to walk. It really should be that obvious and trust me, don’t just sign your child up because you think it is part of an “Overall Education”! If they ask for lessons, they want it. If they ask to play drums, don’t sign them up for piano. Music can be the most magical experience in a persons life. Let it flow naturally with your children’s interests and make them work at it. DO NOT buy them a $1000 guitar for their 1st lesson. do not EVEN LET THEM USE YOUR OLD EXPENSIVE GUITAR. DO NOT buy a Steinway Baby Grand for an 8 year old after 2 lessons. Yes these have all happened here and guess what….they are the ones that never last! Some old school concepts will never be replaced. This is coming from my 20 years of teaching experience and almost 10 years as a business owner and educator in this field. In conclusion, LEARN TO ROCK BUT LEARN RIGHT AND ROCK LIFE LONG! So sign up now at Allstar Music Empire.WP_20131001_012

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