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  • 17H Minneakoning Road, Flemington, NJ 08822

Owners respond to why they built the Empire!

Brian and I get asked all the time what we had in mind with opening the Empire. The bottom line is we need music like we need air. We also wanted to create the coolest musical experience a student or a professional could have. We are a large facility with large ideas but with the mom and pop mentality. We want to know all our customers names and everyone else that walks in the doors. We can promise you that you will never see another place like ours unless we build another one. We did a lot of planning to create a live venue to support local music and live music. You can play in Flemington NJ and feel like you are in NYC. Music is so important as well as all other forms of art. Art is something that is lifelong. You can play music until you are dead or just can’t physically play any more. Sports you may be a fan of your whole life but most people will never play organized sports again after high school. A Note to parents: There are just as many music and arts scholarships out there as sports and you can always make money playing an instrument. You can set up in the corner of a restaurant or Madison Square Garden. Try kicking a soccer ball around in a club or restaurant and she how much money you will make. 🙂 Anyway, our purpose is to give an area and kids in this area some form of nightlife and coolness that the kids want to be a part of and be able to call it their own hang out place. You can also feel settled that if your child comes in to buy something that we are going to take care of them and not push anything on them just for money. Yes we love money as much as the next person and we are a business and need to make money but we also need to be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience. We built it, now you all need to show up and make it even cooler with the uniqueness of all of your personalities. Come in and rock out to live music, buy an instrument or get your groove on and shake that booty with no reservations. Just remember as soon as you walk through the doors, you just became a rock star.2013_10-MCP-ASME-2008

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