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Welcome Laura Henry to the Empire Staff

We would like to give a big welcome to Laura Henry joining the staff here at Allstar Music Empire. She teaches Voice and Piano.

Laura Henry


Welcome Jackson Reiter to our Drum Staff

Jackson Reiter

Jackson Reiter – New Drum Instructor at Allstar Music Empire

We are very excited to welcome Jackson Reiter to the staff of the Empire. He is a great talent and very well received instructor. When Jackson is not on the road touring with Hope Vista, he is here at Allstar Music Empire sharing his love for music.

Jackson bring a nice youthful approach to his instruction and is very talented in bonding with his students. He has all the signs of becoming an incredible instructor and already has the talents of being a great musician/artist.


Rewriting Yesterday Live

Rewriting Yesterday Live

Sept 12th 2015 copy


Dave Phillips Music & Sound CLOSED

Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips Music & Sound CLOSED

We are sorry to see any mom and pop store close. We would like to welcome any of Dave Phillips students to come on over to the Empire and be part of the largest music facility in NJ.


New Allstar Music Empire APP Coming Soon!


New Allstar Music Empire APP Coming Soon!

We are very excited about the new app coming out for i phones and androids.

It will have info, events, games, prizes, discounts, links to other local businesses and more. We do our best here at the Empire to stay up with this modern technology and bring you the most current tools for today’s world.


Visit Moxy Guitars

Anthony G. & Brian Wagner have started an amazing branch of the empire. Moxy Guitars builds custom guitars and basses and customizes your personal instruments. Check out the photo gallery and get on the waiting list now!!!!!!

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The Be.You.tiful ME Project Fundraiser

The Be.You.tiful ME Project Fundraiser

September 19, 2015
Hosts: Jeanette Suros and Nicole Ramee

This is our first event and we hope to keep this going for the upcoming years. The Be•YOU•tiful me project is to raise awareness and preventions for eating disorders and depression and suicide prevention. Both of these link to self-hatred. It’s our mission to change that and have people begin to love themselves for who they are. Love their bodies and who they are. When they are their healthy true selves and are comfortable in their own skin is when they’re the most beautiful. Our mission to make that happen and for all of us to come together as one and make that change and spread the awareness. To show that it is never too late to get help and the help is there. It’s never too late to start a new chapter. It’s an event for all of us to come together and make the change to self-love and spread it. Half the donations go to The National Eating Disorder Association and the other half goes To Write Love on Her Arms. We want to raise awareness on mental health and how no matter what it is you are struggling from recovery is possible. This is going to be an awesome event don’t miss out!
If you cannot make the event but would like to make donations please donate on our go fund me pages. One is for the National Eating Disorder Association and the other is for To Write Love on Her Arms.

National Eating Disorders Association:

To Write Love On Her Arms:

A little about us:
Nicole: I have been in recovery for my depression. I put myself into treatment for depression and Suicide. I knew about Carrier Clinic through friends of mine who have gone there to get help for addiction as well as mental health. I have been three full years in full recovery. There are good days and there are bad days but that is with any recovery and I know that I will always be in recovery and that goes for anyone else struggling you will always be in recovery and that is okay. But you can take back control of your depression because you are enough. Help is out there and you are NOT weak when you put yourself first and your life before anyone or anything else. Recovery is possible from any mental illness.
Jeanette: I have struggled with Anorexia for years. I am a survivor of an eating disorder, Anorexia. I lived my life in and out of eating disorder treatment center Somerset Eating Disorder Unit. I’m now a survivor and I’m so happy to be on the other side. Recovery is possible and the help is there. No one should feel that they need to change who they are! You are perfect the way you are. I have my flaws and imperfections and you know what that’s fine it’s what makes everyone human! The thoughts will always be there but I have the power now to control them and not let them in. Love yourself and love your body for all it does for you. And always remember you are worth so much more than your struggles. You have the power to do anything your heart desires! I want all those out there who feel they are not pretty enough or they are not worth enough and know you are beautiful and you are worth life and happiness! If your struggling from any mental illness recovery is possible and don’t be afraid to ask for help!
I am living proof that recovery is possible from an eating disorder and Nicole living proof that recovery is possible from depression and anxiety. This event is to promote all of self-love so please stand up with us on this day and help spread the awareness for mental illnesses
$10 admission and kids under 10 are free! Tickets will be available online and at the door.

The Be.YOU.tiful Me Project Sept 19 2015


Clinic & Performance with Begrudgingly Yours June 21

Clinic & Performance with Begrudgingly Yours June 21

June 21st event copy

This will be a full clinic and performance from some of the masters of metal.


Bass Clinic with JD of Black Label Society March 31st

Bass Clinic with JD of internationally known, Black Label Society is going to rip our faces off with his amazing bass skills on March 31st at the Empire.


All ages


$10 with student ID

BLS ticket giveaways and special guests!

JD of Black Label Society


Expert Guitar Repair & Service by Matt Mead

Expert Guitar Repair – We are happy to announce that Matt Mead has joined the family at the Empire as our in house, expert guitar specialist for all your instrument needs.

Click here for more details:


Matt Mead