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Want to book your band here?

Read & follow these instruction.


Include the following or you will not get a response & won’t have a chance to perform in our amazing venue:

  1. Professionally written email listing your band name, links to videos/songs

  2. Your full name and contact information

  3. Number of members and instrumentation. Include tracks if you use them.

  4. Your location and how many people you think you can draw

Remember your first contact is our first impression of you and your band. Make it count.

Ticket Sales Requirement:

Each band/artist will be given 10 tickets to sell. The artist/band is responsible for full payment of those tickets upon arrival of the venue. After the initial 10 tickets, door/ticket sales will be split 70% to artist and 30% to venue. We are NOT trying to be a “Pay to Play” situation but by not being a bar, all money made from the shows is from ticket sales. This also allows us to not take a percentage of merchandise sales. It takes money to keep a place going for bands and artists to shine. If you do not think this is fair, we understand and feel free not to contact us.

Disclaimer: Allstar Music Empire is NOT a babysitting service. If you drop your children off to see our scheduled performances and they decide to leave the building, that is NOT our responsibility and is a discussion that needs to be held between parents and their children.
Our responsibility is to make sure everything inside of our business is being controlled, safe and fun!