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Kate Banaszak (Miss Delaware 2009)

I studied vocal performance and piano since the age of ten, and continued throughout my high school years. I had many music instructors throughout those years! Now, at the age of 24, I know the importance of having a good music teacher. I also know the benefits of having a PHENOMINAL music teacher.
My brother Jake (Lower Case Blues) was one of Anthony Gemignani’s students for many years at Accent Music in Delaware. Before Jake started guitar lessons, he always seemed a bit lost. Like most boys his age, Jake was first involved in sports, but he never seemed to fit in with the other kids. Jake wasn’t a competitive kid, so he naturally came off as only an average athlete. I think my parents were concerned about his future, since he hadn’t yet developed a passion for any activity. That is, until he decided he wanted to pick up a guitar.
Jake’s attitude changed dramatically after just his first lesson. My childhood memories of Jake all include a Fender guitar strapped across his body! He never put it down! He couldn’t wait to go to his guitar lesson each week, and the moment he returned home, he couldn’t say enough about how “awesome Anthony is.” Anthony not only taught Jake how to play an instrument, but broadened his view of the music industry. Soon enough, Jake’s practices were not just limited to alternative rock, but expanded to classic rock, blues, and beyond. He taught him that playing guitar went beyond the celebrities you see on tv, and instilled in him a true love for music. Jake developed a confidence I had never seen in him before. He continued to play throughout high school, and was able to find friends with similar interests. Jake had officially found his niche.
Jake is now a successful musician, supporting himself solely as a professional guitarist. When I ask Jake about becoming famous, and being a celebrity one day, he always gives me the same response, “That might be fun. But all I really want to do is play music, I don’t care about the fame and money.” To me, this makes it even more apparent that Jake has the mindset of a true musician.
I thank Anthony Gemignani everyday for giving my brother Jake such a bright future. I think it is fantastic that Anthony has not only realized his own phenomenal talent, but he is blessed with the gift to teach. The world needs more people like Anthony to give kids confidence, and point them in the right direction. He has even gone the extra mile, and started his own schools to bring other great teachers together. Teaching children and adults to love music is a priceless gift, and I hope everyone who truly wants to learn music will cross paths with Anthony. Thank you, Anthony and all of your instructors at the academy, for doing all that you do!

Kate Banaszak (Miss Delaware 2009)
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