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Welcome to the Empire Venue

Do you want to catch some of the best, talented artists in the New Jersey or some of your favorite national acts? Well, look no further! Striving to give local bands and artists an area to base their live performances, Allstar Music Empire in Flemington, NJ provides just that! With on-site parking, general admission pricing, and a capacity of approximately 150 guests, the Empire’s venue hopes to help the thriving local music scene be heard.

Besides giving music students their first taste of live performances, the Empire’s music venue provides local artists and bands with a professional staging environment with a state of the art sound system and tuned in room. There is no other venue like the Empire in NJ. This is a place for true musicians run and owned by professional musicians.

Just like any professional music venue, Allstar Music Empire has everything you need to put on a performance of a lifetime. Their full backline can be seen here:

Every event will have an entry coordinator taking a head count while collecting tickets and the cover charge. General admission restrictions apply, no weapons, alcohol or drugs of any kind are permitted, including those sold over-the-counter.

Venue patrons are allowed to bring cameras and phones with them.


Allstar Music Empire is NOT a babysitting service. If you drop your children off to see our scheduled performances and they decide to leave the building, that is NOT our responsibility and is a discussion that needs to be held between parents and their children.

Our responsibility is to make sure everything inside of our business is being controlled, safe and fun!


The Empire event staff is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for our guests. Security measures are in place at all our events.  Guests will have the opportunity to secure prohibited items in their vehicle prior to admittance. The Empire reserves the right to eject any guest for any reason. Guest violating any laws will be referred to local law enforcement for prosecution.

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Our Venue and private rooms are also available for rental. For more information visit out Room Rental page, or visit our Contact page to reserve your spot today!